Anyone heard from Madonna?

  1. I talked to the Admissions director twice, and both times she said I was admitted, but I still haven't recievied anything "official" in the mail or otherwise- it is going on a few weeks now. Anyone else having any admission experiences? Should I call again?
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  3. by   TLC RN
    I remember when I got accepted I called and they confirmed that I was accepted and it took a few weeks after that to receive the letter in the mail.

  4. by   marcieg
    Thanks, I am starting to get a little anxious...
  5. by   TLC RN
    Did you get your admission packet yet???
  6. by   marcieg
    Agggh, no. I called AGAIN, and talked to the admissions counselor. This is a little confusing, but I had taken the NET in January and was only eligible for probationary admission. I said I would just retake the NET in April so I could be fully admitted, but then I got antsy and called and said admit me anyway. She said all that the probationary meant was that I had to go part time for 2 semesters and maintain a certain gpa. I said go ahead and just admit me now so I know I am in, and I won't bother with the NET again.
    I called last week and asked why I haven't recieved anything, and she never changed anything over and then this time told me a whole different story about what the probationary status meant (I would have to do the nursing part in 5 semesters, not 4). Well, since the NET retake is next week now anyway, I am just going to retake it and be done with it. She tells me something different each time, and she is so hard to get in touch with... :uhoh21: SIGH
  7. by   marcieg
    Got my acceptance letter today...only 6 days after I kicked a** on the NET retake...I'm official :hatparty:
  8. by   TLC RN
    Congrats! :hatparty: