Anyone have news of U of M RN-BSN-MSN revamp?

  1. I'll be done with my ADN in May and really want to get right into a BSN program with as little downtime as possible. Once I'm working steadily as an RN, I won't qualify for the Pell Grant that I do now, and I'd like to get as much coursework as I can in with grant money.

    For the last year, I've been planning to apply for the U of M (Ann Arbor) RN-BSN-MSN program, then go on for my DNP afterwards. Now it seems that they (and Wayne State) are not accepting any applications for Fall 2010 while they revamp their RN completion programs. Does anyone have any news of this, any insights? Will prereqs remain similar? Are they working on a BSN-MSN-DNP option? Anyone know anything?

    In the meantime, I'm looking at UofM-Flint and Oakland University for their RN completions. I see a lot of threads about ABSNs at Oakland, anyone have experience with either of these schools for RN to BSN and onward? I have a 3.7 overall GPA and a 3.9 nursing GPA, so that's not an issue, but that of course doesn't guarantee acceptance into a program. Other recommendations within Michigan? I've looked at Grand Valley and UofD-Mercy, but they have odd prereqs, if I remember correctly. It's frustrating because every program seems to have different requirements, and if I'm going to try to squeeze in the few remaining prereqs that I need, I want them to be the ones I really need, not what one school requires and another doesn't!

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  3. by   AnnaN5
    I am doing UM-Flint's RN-BSN program. It was really easy to get in, you can start every semester, and the program is completely online. I was planning on also doing the MSN program but they are currently revamping that into the DNP so I don't know what I am going to end up doing. I only have 2 classes left for the BSN completion. I have liked the program and they are easy to work with.
  4. by   Circejane
    Thank you for your reply! I have a few more questions, if you don't mind.

    I see that Flint requires 45 credit hours to be completed through them, but I don't think that I will have 45 hours worth of classes left to take, BSN classes included. Did you run into this problem? Did you need Micro, Biochem or Statistics? I don't see them listed as prereqs or Gen Ed requirements. How long will it have taken you when you complete it?

    Thanks again for your input, it's greatly appreciated!
  5. by   AnnaN5
    After you complete NUR 300 (Transition to Professional Nursing) they award you 34 NUR credits for your ADN classes so that takes care of a big chunk of that 45 credits required at UM-Flint.

    You do not need micro, biochem or stats. There are actually no prereqs you have to take before you apply: you just need your RN license, a 2.75 gpa, a evaluation from your current supervisor or nursing faculty, and a background check to apply. These are the classes that they consider "pre-reqs" but many of them can be taken along with the actual BSN completion classes:
    ENG 112 Critical Writing and Reading (3) Prerequisite to Semester 1
    NUR 308 Research in Nursing (3) Pre or co requisite to Semester 1
    NUR 202 Health Assessment (3) Pre or co requisite to Semester 1
    NSC 168 Introduction to Bioethics (3) Pre or co requisite to Semester 2
    PSY 313 Developmental Psychology (3) Pre or co requisite to Semester 2
    NSC 207 Pathophysiology (3) Prerequisite to Semester 3
    NSC 209 Nutrition (3) Prerequisite to Semester 3
    NSC 233 Pharmacology (3) Prerequisite to Semester 3

    These are the actual BSN classes: (plus you have to take 4 credits of nursing electives)
    Sem. 1 NUR 300 (3) Transition to Professional Nursing Practice
    Sem. 2 NUR 255 (2) Gerontological Nursing
    NUR 369 (3) Transcultural Care
    Sem. 3 NUR 410 (6) Community Health Nursing
    NUR 407 (2) Nursing Issues and Trends
    Sem. 4 NUR 430 (5) Leadership and Management in Nursing
    NUR 421 (2) Synthesis of Knowledge for Professional Nursing

    I only had a couple of the pre-reqs that I didn't have already finished, I just had to take health assessment (there is an option of testing out of this that they give you info about), research nursing, and pathophysiology. So I will be finishing in the 4 semester timeline they give plus I took classes this summer. I started in Fall 2008 so it will be about 2 years of just taking 2-3 classes at a time.
  6. by   Circejane
    This is incredibly helpful, thank you!!! It's exactly what I needed to know!

    It looks like I'll only need Research in Nursing and Dev. Psych--this looks very doable. Tuition is reasonable, too. Did you have any issues scheduling your clinicals, or finding a preceptor in your area?