anybody know anything about Crittenton?

  1. Hey!
    I am a nurse in Chicago and I have to move to Rochester...long story. I am a transplant med-surg nurse and will have a little over two years experience when I make the move. I don't want to drive. I drive so much here in the city and thought it would be nice to cut down on the commute. Does anybody know anything about Crittenton? Or have other suggustions? Thanks.
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  3. by   tonyal
    I know they are giving sign on bonuses for some areas,I had my daughter there and it was really nice but thatwas 16 years ago
  4. by   NoviceRN10
    I had all four of my kiddos there too, and would consider working there . I heard they just built a daycare center for their employees, I think it is 24 hour.
  5. by   SusanKathleen, RN
    I live right here in Rochester, where Crittenton is located. It is a growing hospital. They are adding a new addition right now, and they finished an addition about a year ago.
    The staff are all very nice people. The nursing care is quite good.
    A few other BIG hospitals are nearby, such as William Beaumont in Royal Oak, and some people feel that Beaumont trumps Crittenton. My opinion is that the nurses seem to be happier at Crittenton (this is from a patient and family of patient perspective).
    They have a good emergency dept. Wait time very reasonable.
    Crittenton is affiliated with the Karmanos Cancer group, and with Wayne State University medical school. They are renowned for their prostate cancer Tx.

    Also, Oakland University, which is located in Rochester and right down the street from Crittenton, is beginning construction on a brand-spanking new medical school (MD) on the premises, with the first class matriculating in 2010. They will be affiliated with William Beaumont in Royal Oak!

    There will be a lot of growth and lots of great opportunities coming in this very nice place to live.

    Please contact me if you have any other questions.

  6. by   JRA
    Thank you. I think that I will apply in the spring. I really want to be able to ride my bike to work. It sounds like if people are happy that is good. What about hourly? benefits? have you heard anything about that?
  7. by   justjenny
    About 2 years ago I did a clinical there on a Med-Surg floor. Avg patient load was 7+ pts!!! The nurse RAN for 12 hours! I did not like it there....and then on our last day they had a recruiter come in to talk to us. What a joke! They were currently in a "hiring freeze" because a company had come in to review finances, etc. I also believe that they closed their OB dept. recently....?