Anybody awaiting Baker College acceptance letters?

  1. Hello, anybody else out there awaiting acceptance letters for the fall 2012 at baker in clinton twp??
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  3. by   mrsmags
    Quote from brightfutur
    hello, anybody else out there awaiting acceptance letters for the fall 2012 at baker in clinton twp??
    i know the application for the program said acceptance letters would not come out until july 30th; however, i check every day in hopes that they send them out earlier than planned. the waiting is killing me! lol
  4. by   brightfutur
    glad somebody responded!!! Me too, lol. I check my email too because they said they may email in addition to the letter. Is this your first time applying??
  5. by   mrsmags
    i've been checking my email, too. yes, this is my first time applying; yours?
  6. by   brightfutur
    yes, mine too. Very nervous! How did u do on your Kaplan? Hope I get in the first time but I'll reapply if I dont.
  7. by   mrsmags
    curiosity got the best of me! i just called the nursing department and asked if they were still shooting for the 30th to notify us. unfortunately, they still are. oh well...i can stop checking the mailbox for another week.
  8. by   mistydbuffa
    I am right there with you guys! This wait is absolutely killing me. It has been like one huge count down since I took my kaplan... I worked my tushy off to get the grades I got, and out of a total of 100 points possible I know I have 92.52 points. Not that it even matters. Right at the moment it is nothing but a number as there are not averages to work with... the wait is killing me though really. My classes were as follows. Comp 1 : A Comp 2: A  Speech : A- Psych 111: A   A&P1: A    A&P2: A-   Nutrition: A-  Patho: A-  Into to Micro: A  Algebra: B  Both Computer courses were A's  - I also scored an 86% on my Kaplan- I am so nervous about getting into the program I am almost sick! How did you guys do? Are you feeling confidant?
  9. by   brightfutur
    You should get in with 92.52 for sure. I'm more worried about the reapplicants. I have all A's but a B+ in psych. 80 on the Kaplan. From what I heard Kaplan scores were pretty low this time around. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I already have a degree from baker and decided to go back for nursing. I just got a job at Beaumont so if I don't get in I'll be content working and waiting a year.Good Luck, can't wait to get these stupid letters so I can start planning what steps I need to take with work, school, ect =) Keep in touch and hopefully good news around the 31st!
  10. by   suzanne26262000
    Quote from brightfutur
    Hello, anybody else out there awaiting acceptance letters for the fall 2012 at baker in clinton twp??
    I am waiting too. I have a total of 93.1 points. I went into the nursing office a couple of weeks or so after taking the Kaplan to see what the average score was on the test and she told me that for this time around the average for Baker was 69% with the national average being 72%. I have been trying so hard to stay busy and put it out of my head but it is getting harder to do as the day gets closer.
  11. by   brightfutur
    How do you calculate your Kaplan score to points?
  12. by   mistydbuffa
    Um. there is a site but it is saved on my computer. private message me and I will send it to you. asap
  13. by   mistydbuffa
    Suzanne. you are attest in a better position than I am. facts that know. there were a total of 151 total applications including reapplicants . I know that next term baker is doing away with the extra point for reapplication. I know the average score was a 69% school wide. I am so so nervous I can hardly handle it. I hope so much that I am accepted into the program. I have heard so many good things but just as many, if not more bad things about the program. some days I wonder if I will get in. other days I feel very confidant . sooner or later we will get our letters. I know this may sound odd, but for me, getting accepted will be a huge defining moment in my future. I love to help people and financial stability would be a great bonus to it. my husband has an ok job but we barely make it with four kids. I know it will be hard and stressful but I also know I can do it and do it well.
  14. by   brightfutur
    I was just thinking like my percentage multiplied by 35. .80*35=28 but wasnt sure if that was right???