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  1. Hello,
    I'm taking the last of my prerequisite classes and plan on applying to the nursing program after I complete them. Before I apply to the nursing program I need to take the math proficiency test - just wondering if anyone has any insight on the math test. I have heard its easy and I have heard its kinda tuff because you can only miss 5 questions....
    Also wondering how many males make it into the program. I'm a guy and so far in most of my classes I'm either the only guy or one of the very few. I know this is a female predominant field (and I'm totally cool with that ), but I keep hearing how so many guys are going into nursing, but so far I haven't seen too many. Am i the only guy at OCC?
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  3. by   MSU1999
    Hi -
    I finished up my pre'reqs in the Winter 2006 semester at OCC. Didn't get in this Fall so hopefully I'll get in Fall 2007. There didn't seem to be a whole lot of men in the classes (like 15% or so). But that could have just been the classes I was in. I know there are a lot more males going into their program than there used to be though.

    EDIT: Meant to comment on the math test. Just make sure you do the practice test before you take it. You don't need to do all the practice problems -- just the ones you need a refresher on. It's not hard as long as you understand basic math (especially fractions) and basic story problems. Good Luck!!
  4. by   RLR
    Thanks for the insight...I'll make sure to review the practice test!

    Have a good one!
  5. by   breakdancin11
    I am a guy at OCC who is in the RN program. I currently have HA&P1 (which I am taking this semester), HA&P2, Microbiology, and Chemistry left. I should be able to get into the program by the next deadline in 07.

    As far as I have heard the math proficiency test is mainly ratios etc which should be a cake walk if you graduated high school in my opinion. Also dont forget to go the nursing seminar that you are required to go to before trying to get into the program.

    I am at the moment trying to find some CENA or CNA (whatever they are calling them now a days) classes to get into so I can get a feel for the enviroment before I start in on clinicals. Plus it will get me out of Taco Bell which is where I work.

    Well Good Luck on the Nursing Program and I am sure I will see you at OCC