2017 WCCCD Nursing Hopefuls

  1. I'm currently taking my pre-requisites and want to try and connect with other hopefuls that will be applying for the 2017 program.
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  3. by   obongawan
    Am applying for Jan 2017
  4. by   jadkin1
    Im applying for the 2017 program
    What classes are you currently taking?
  5. by   obongawan
    Am done with all my prequ. Just studying to take the hesi test this month. How about you have you taken the hesi and what classes are you taking
  6. by   jadkin1
    I will be applying in the spring for the Fall 2017 WCCCD Nursing program. I will be taking AP250 this semester and after that I'm done. Have you ever took the HESI before?
    My grades are currently:
    BIO 155 B
    AP 240 A
    AP 250 A (Most likely) : )
    BIO 295 B
    ENG 119 B
    PSY 101 A
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  7. by   obongawan
    Am taking it sept 11
  8. by   Tabbymouse
    I took the HESI without studying for it when I applied for the WCCCD vet tech program. If those are your grades you'll do good!

    I'm going back next semester to take A&P 1, followed by A&P 2, then enrolling in the DBI LPN program.
  9. by   mari1013
    Hi did anyone get their letters yet for the upcoming semester?
  10. by   aaronh313
    I am taking A&P2 (Hybrid) and Micro in Spring 2017 and plan to apply for Fall 2017. Really starting to get nervous. I was going to wait and take A&P2 and Micro separate but I figured I should just go for gold now. I did not want to push it back to Spring 2018. I want to get the ball rolling.
  11. by   Nottingham
    What is the steps to applying after taking the prerequisites as mentioned above? I was told to take pathophysiology and chemistry also since I just have A&P II and sociology for next semester. Any suggestions pls
  12. by   aaronh313
    You do not need to take all those classes. Go to the informational meeting and schedule your HESI test. I have Micro and A&P II next semester then I am taking the HESI in may and applying for Fall 2017.
  13. by   Sharaewc
    Hi I just finished all my pre reqs for the nursing program and I'm very nervous about the next hurdle of taking the hesi a2 I'm trying to take it in march so I can apply for fall. Any tips for the test
  14. by   Scrubnurse3
    Hi all, I'm a hopeful for 2017, just completed hesi a2 today. So now just waiting till July to see if accepted.