Michigan: Max. hours allowed to work consecutively

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Is there really a max hours for a  nurse to work in michigan? If no one will work and someone says they will work 24 hours is the allowed or totally illegal? I can not find answers on LARA (if you know where I can locate this information let me know. 

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I can't find anything that limits the number of hours a person is allowed to work, which suggests there is no such legislation. The only thing I can find in MI laws regarding overtime is that it must be paid at 1 1/2, and that OT is GENERALLY considered anything over 40 hours in a work week (although it says there are specific rules governing people employed by hospitals, I'm guessing one is allowed to create an 80-hour/PP OT rule if it's mutually agreed upon).

I've seen restrictions on consecutive number of hours worked to be more the domain of organizational policy, rather than legislation (with the exception of legislation regarding medical residents, which is pretty common nowadays).


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