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Michigan CNA State Exam Site Question

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by sexymonkeyboy sexymonkeyboy (Member)

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I took a CNA class and I am awaiting to take my skills & written test.

I am wondering if anyone has any advice or tips.

What skills are most commonly tested?

I am especially interested to find out if there is a "best" site.

Does one site have a reputation from being very particular/difficult?

Does one have a reputation for being more linient?

Also, do most facilities have fitted sheets for the bed making?

Some of my location choices are:

  • Crockett (Detroit)
  • 4 Chaplains Nursing Center (Westland)
  • Health Career Academy (Port Huron)
  • Thompson Center (Warren)
  • Washtenaw CC (Ann Arbor)

Thanks in advance for any help/info :)

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jules3978 specializes in ICU, cardiac.

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I took my test at the Mt. Pleasant location, so none of those that you mentioned (I heard they passed more people than the Midland location, which was my other option). The written test was pretty much common knowledge. The skills test made me so nervous, but when I was done, it wasn't that bad. I had to position a pt. on their side w/pillows, do hair/nail care, and take blood pressure. I had a real person that I was doing all of this with. At the end of the positioning, I just forgot to put the call light within reach and the lady testing me asked me if I was sure I was done and what was the last thing I should do before leaving the room...I remembered the call light then! I always do that when I'm at work, but under pressure I just forgot...thank goodness she 'reminded me.' Good luck!

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