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  1. Would you vote to change MDC Accelerated Option from an 1year ASN to 1 year BSN Program

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There are many of you who are thinking about nursing as a second career are considering applying to nursing school in the near future. However it is quite tough to get into nursing school and quite expensive so you consider going to MDC or BC. Not even to mention that it is more affordable. Did you know that Miami Dade only offers an associate's of science in nursing (ASN) degree and most hospitals want you to have a BSN degree. There are many Accelerated BSN programs out there but none that is as affordable as Miami Dade. Wouldn't you rather go to school for ONE year and get a BSN or go to school for one year get an ASN and have to go back for another year to complete the RN to BSN?


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Sure who wouldn't want to do that. But almost all the state ABSN programs want your BA GPA to be 3.0 and higher. So if your GPA is lower than that then that eliminates 98% of the schools. Left standing are the Browards and MDC or any of the old Community Colleges throughout the state and their 2yr AS programs. So we have to consider Jacksonville ABSN program OR Miami College accelerated AS as the two best accredited short term options if you have a lower GPA.