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MGH IHP ABSN Spring 2021


Didn't see a thread for this cohort yet, so I figured I would start one! Folks still waiting to hear? Anyone confirm enrollment yet?

Hi matt229! 🙂

I just recently applied and got verified today on NursingCAS. 😄 I "attended" the information session on the 4th, and they said it can take weeks. I'm so excited to hear back! Have you heard anything?

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Hello! I applied back in June and was accepted - still weighing out my options but its looking like MGH makes the most sense for me. Any insight/info to pass along from the info session? Best of luck to you!

That’s awesome! How long did it take to hear back from them? MGH IHP is my first choice! 😍 How many schools did you apply to? Oh, and there was nothing that stuck out to me besides admissions stuff (and you are already accepted 😋), but I can forward you the email of the audio they sent out to the people who “attended.” You can message me or post your email here. ☺️

I applied in late June and heard by mid-July, so 2-3 weeks! I applied to 3, still waiting to hear from one. And yourself? Yes! I would definitely appreciate you sending that over - I will reach out separately with my email.


I guess I do not have enough posts to privately message yet haha. I think I made my decision to go MGH last night! Best of luck to you.

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Yay! That's so great! I can't wait to know where I am going! I hope to hear back sometime soon! I usually have a lot of patience, but it's like waiting for Christmas.

I also applied! Just waiting to hear back 🙂


Hey!! That’s awesome! Did you just recently apply? I was verified on NursingCAS on the 12th and like you, I’m still waiting to hear back. ☺️

@matt229 Did they send you your admission letter via mail or did you receive an email?

4 hours ago, efc1996 said:

@matt229 Did they send you your admission letter via mail or did you receive an email?

They emailed me from "donotreply@webadmit.org" with the title "MGH Institute of Health Professions Admission Decision". Hope this helps! Fingers crossed for you both.

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Do you guys mind if I ask what your GPA’s were from your previous degree / pre-req’s? I’m trying to get a feel for where I stand! Thanks! ☺️

@matt229 did you ever receive an email that said they received your complete admission packet and is now ready to be reviewed? Today marks exactly 2 weeks since my application was verified on NursingCAS. I hope this is normal and a good sign. 😅

@efc1996 My nursing prerequisite GPA is 3.6 (B in statistics and a C in nutrition, A’s in everything else.) I have an awkward situation with my comprehensive GPA. Long story short, I started out as a terrible student and then became a great one. I’ve been to multiple colleges since I have moved so much. Anyway, I have a 2.3, 4.0, 4.0, 4.0, and 3.98 GPA’s. I graduated with the 3.98 GPA, summa cum laude. My cumulative GPA is still low though. 😕 I’m sitting at a 3.18. That’s below the average of acceptance students, but I hope they look at my application more holistically. The 2 nursing prerequisite classes that I don’t have A’s in were taken back when I was a terrible student. I thought about retaking them this fall semester, but MGH IHP wouldn’t see those grades until after their admission decision anyway. 😒

@EasilyExcited After reading passed threads I have seen people accepted with GPA’s as low as 2.8! Do you happen to know the average GPA of accepted students? I was trying to figure that out! I hope that they look at each individual GPA. I also didn’t do very well my freshman year but once I transferred to another school and was happier, I did much better in my classes. I’m hoping that they look at the improvement on both our applications! My cumulative was a 3.3 and my pre-req was a 3.7

@efc1996 My undergrad GPA was a 3.9 and my pre-req GPA is a 4.0 (I am taking Microbiology this fall!).

@EasilyExcited Yes that is all normal.  I received an email from NursingCAS not too long after I submitted my app, saying it had been verified.  Then about a week after that I received an email from MGH's donotreply@webadmit.org saying they received my app packet and its ready for review. Sounds like you are one step closer to hearing back!

@EasilyExcited I also received the same email 🙂 I got it 2 days after being verified through NursingCAS! 

@matt229 Thanks for sharing!!