Metro Tech vs Platt College??

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I am currently going through the application process at Metro Tech for the LPN program. The deadline is Aug 14, but a facebook friend of mine said that she got into Platt college fairly easy. I am really wanting to go for metro tech, but from what I hear it is pretty difficult to get into, and as of now I only have 31 points. I still have to take the critical thinking test tomorrow morning, but I'm afraid that I'm still not going to have enough points to be accepted. Have any of you been accepted with around 40 points? Because I'm afraid that may be all that I will be able to get. Also, has anyone been accepted to the LPN program at Platt? If so, was it super competetive? I've also read a few threads saying that platt college grads find it harder to get jobs. Is this true? And if so, why?

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Platt College's tuition and fees are overpriced. I wouldn't pay $30,000 in tuition and fees for an LPN program, especially in a state like Oklahoma where LPN wages are relatively low. I'd pursue Metro Tech due to the cheaper tuition and better reputation.