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Merritt College or Chabot for Fall 2017?

For former students, do you recommend Chabot College or Merritt College?

  1. 1. For former students, do you recommend Chabot College or Merritt College?

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      YES, you can succeed at Chabot
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      YES, you can succeed at Merritt

I have been accepted into both Merritt and Chabot College. As of 2017 per registerednursing.org, Merritt was awarded #1 "Best RN Program in California," followed by Chabot College at #2. I am torn between the two.

Any recent graduates of Merritt have any feedback if the new nursing facility is up and running (sim lab, etc.), how the teachers are, how the classes are, what days/times will there be classes, where the clinicals are, is the program do-able considering there is a very low retention rate, and any other useful or helpful info for those students considering/planning to attend Merritt College and want to succeed?

For those who have attended Chabot College, what's your feedback as well? What days/times are classes/clinicals, where are the clinicals, how are the teachers and classes, and any other insights you could provide about their program for those undecided and those who want to succeed.

What are the pros and cons for Merritt and Chabot?

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Congratulations on your acceptance into both school. I'm sorry I can't be of any help to you, but if you ask nursing students in the bay area, they will all choose Chabot. I applied to both schools but was not pick for Chabot. So when did you hear back from Merritt college because I'm still waiting to hear from them. Thanks

Thank you, Nnechika06. And I just heard back from Merritt yesterday morning, 6/1/17, via email that they had conducted their lottery and that I was selected for admission. There is a mandatory orientation meeting on Tues., 6/13/17, and potential students have to submit their acceptance form by 6/8/17. I will be attending their orientation so I can get an idea what to expect.

But didn't they notify us that if we don't hear back from them by like 6/4/17 or 6/6/17 to contact them? You will probably hear from them very soon, so hang in there!!! I'm crossing my fingers for you... XX =)

Thanks NurseSellsHome, I really appreciate. I really home I get in.

From what I know of Merritt, I would very concerned about their super high attrition rate. I haven't heard the best things about Chabot either though. Are those the only schools you applied to?

Hi MyAimIsTrue,

I hear you. My other concern with Merritt is that every time I called their nursing department's phone number, I always got redirected to voicemail. At least with Chabot, there is always someone there, -------------, to answer phone calls. I'm wondering in the future, if I have an issue or question, whether I'll be able to get phone support from Merritt.

People have stated in very old posts that Merritt is grueling and the new building isn't used to its potential, however it's #1 according to that website as of 2017. That's what's really making me want to apply to that school, together with a shorter commute (but just by like 5 mins shorter than Chabot). I am ok with being challenged, since people's lives will be under our care. I want the best education possible.

I have applied elsewhere but I have narrowed it down to these two schools mainly because of their high ratings from that website and cheaper tuition. I want to minimize my student debt as much as possible, which is why I chose the ADN route. I heard Chabot is $7K and was told on the phone by Merritt's admission department that it would be approximately $4K, which I don't know is actually true. I read elsewhere on various websites that Merritt's tuition is $10K. So I don't really know what it really costs until I attend their orientation.

Another reason I am inclined to attend Merritt is that it's a different campus all together. I have attended Las Positas College in Livermore (which I have loved) and somewhat felt that going to Chabot is too similar to what I have already experienced, even though the location is entirely different and so is its diversity of students. I like that Merritt is located on the Oakland Hills with a beautiful, calming view and that they have this new nursing/healthcare building. So it's definitely different from Chabot's flat location and lack of renovations. But that shouldn't be the reason to attend a school, right? It should be based more on the teachers, the classes, the school's NCLEX passing rate, and how the program will impact you? What other reasons should I look into in deciding between the 2 schools?

Another reason I posted my inquiry is that I want to know where the present clinicals are, since I live in Livermore and will be commuting for 2 years! Ugh! Wait...I can do this! I gotta keep telling myself that. LOL

Again, any insight is appreciated as it will help me in making a decision.

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Don't get me wrong, I took most of my prereqs at Merritt and love the school! But I hear other things about the nursing program itself. I met someone a couple of months ago who graduated a few years ago and she did not have good things to say. She said she wished she had gone to my school, CSUEB. Then there's the friend of a friend who graduated last week--she made it through but most of her cohort didn't. It's one thing for the program to be difficult and academically challenging, but I don't think it needs to be emotionally challenging. Professors should be supportive, not mean, right? I wish someone with firsthand experience would weigh in though...obviously I am reporting secondhand information. I don't know where they do their rotations, I think I heard Kaiser Oakland is one place. That is definitely something to consider though. Good luck with your decision!

Thank you, MyAimIsTrue. The second hand feedback is helpful. And yes, teachers should be supportive. :(. Hopefully in Merritt's orientation, I will get a better picture of what to expect. At Chabot's orientation, I was actually impressed by their staff. Hopefully, Merritt will inspire me as well. We will have to see... Oh gosh! Decisions, decisions!! And again, thanks for your feedback and support =) Hope you are thriving as a noble nurse!!!

I have two friends who have just finished their first year at Merritt, neither are thrilled with the program. Sounds like unsupportive instructors and a lot of self teaching. They have also lost almost half of their cohort. I will forward this thread to them and see if one can give you some first hand information though. I also applied to Merritt and haven't heard anything. I applied last year too and did not get in. I did however get into Cal State East Bay to start in the fall, so even if I get accepted into the program I will decline.

Hi hollie18,

Firstly, congratulations for getting accepted to CSUEB!!! :) That's awesome! And I greatly appreciate your feedback about your two friends' experiences at Merritt. If the teachers are in fact unsupportive, then that's all bad. Students need a nursing program that will teach, support and answer questions when help is needed. I certainly cannot teach myself or answer my own questions. Thank you so much for forwarding this thread to your friends. Hopefully they will share their recent insights about Merritt. It will definitely help me, as well as anyone else who was accepted into their program or who will be considering attending Merritt in the future. Congrats once again!

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I wound up getting into Ohlone and Chabot and not Merritt, so I had a different choice to make, but I was also attracted to the campus and facilities at Merritt but turned off by the high attrition rate. It you look up the NCLEX pass rates for California schools (just google that phrase and it should pop right up), you can see that Chabot has excellent pass rates but has only lost two students for the past two years, for example, and five out if 50 the year before that. Merritt on the other hand recently lost all but nine students- just imagine what that does to morale, even if you are one of the nine. Merritt got the award because of their string of 100% pass rates but when less than a quarter of the class is taking the test what does that mean?

A lot of why Chabot is more $$ is they require you to sign up for the Kaplan review course from the beginning, which I believe contributes to their pass rates. They also have realistic calculations for things like shoes and uniforms, which other programs tend to low ball and they do add up.

Chabot does have some clinical placements in Livermore, I believe, so that's a plus. But the Merritt campus is peaceful and lovely- I wish I could have the Chabot program in that location! I also love the Ohlone campus but wound up deciding on Chabot due to location and lack of attrition.

Best of luck on your decision and after all, we're the fortunate ones to have a choice in the matter at all.

Hey, thank you! Also, I passed along the link to my friends in the program. I also got an acceptance letter from Merritt a couple days ago, I couldn't believe it!! I tried calling the nursing department to let them know I would be declining my spot. I know they needed to know yesterday, what did you decide?


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