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Hey everyone!

I know Mercy College of Allied Health is a popular 4-year Nursing School in Des Moines, Iowa. Does anyone have any knowledge, impressions, information that they can share of this particular school? All I know is that they take over 200 RN students in the Fall and that the RN Nursing students are required to take a Nursing Assistant Certificate Program in the Summer before their Fall Admission as their sole main pre-requisite.

I think that's a great idea. It gives the prospective student the experience of what kind of field they are getting into and it provides them with a CNA Certificate at the end of the Summer that they can use during the 2-year program if the student wishes to work on weekends as a CNA while attending school.

I also like the fact that the pre-requisites that I would be taking for most other RN Nursing programs are actually part of the curriculum for Mercy College. Anatomy I & II and Microbiology are in taught in 3 different semesters. What a relief not to have to try and squeeze pre-reqs in and pay the added expense and time as well.

Also, you get the first summer off. The entire 3 months and can work which is another plus and I like the fact that Mercy is a 4-year college that if you wanted to, you could get your BSN there as well.

Let me know what you think or if you know anything about this school ok? Thanks!:loveya:

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