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Mental Health

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I finally got in the VA. Woot Woot!! However, looking for some feedback from nurses. Here goes the story:

A little background of myself. I started my career on a surgical/orthopedic/PCU (small community hospital, 140 beds), PD. Went to plastics for 4 months--:no:. Went back to the hospital on the Telemetry floor, PD. Found an opportunity to work ambulatory surgery full time, still there, love it!! Just recently, aka 2 weeks, accepted a position at the VA (intermitten).

I interviewed for an ambulatory surgery center, at the VA, which is my main experience (surgical patients). However, after orientation, I met one of my managers (not the one I interviewed with) and (in short) she told me welcome to the VA you will be working with Mental Health. :wideyed:

Not sure how to feel about this. Any advice from other nurses? I'm on 2 year probation, I have no experience in Mental health.

What? The job posting you interviewed for should have specified Mental Health. Or was the posting for a float pool type position?

I would immediately contact HR/Nurse Recruiter for clarification.

The position I interviewed for was for ambulatory surgery as a per diem RN. On my letter it states Primary Care, which I am new to VA terminology thinking that is what the area is called, no one ever mentioned Mental Health, until I met with a manager, not the one that is listed in my letter, but one for Mental Health.

I guess I will have to get in contact with my HR person. Thank you for responding

Ambulatory Surgery is different from Primary Care. At the VA, Primary Care is where veterans are seen for physicals, routine labs, chronic and routine illnesses, etc. You may also hear the term PACT which is Patient Aligned Care Team. This is the VA's version of the Patient Centered Medical Home. The Primary Care provider, PCP, decides when and if a specialty referral is needed, such as to Cardiology or Physical Therapy. Primary Care providers can refer veterans to Mental and Behavioral Health but veterans can also self-refer.

Maybe because you were hired as per diem, they can assign you to different places. I doubt that but I don't know. I do know that the government is very strict about how a position is posted when there is an opening and they cannot change it if, say, you only want .8 FTE and the position open is 1.0 FTE. I would think if the position posted was for ambulatory surgery then that is where you would be.

I hope you will post what happens because I am very curious. Good luck.