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Mental Health Emergency Room

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So, I've been working inpatient psyc. for the last 8 months, night, and have recently gotten a job at a mental health emergency room. Wondering if anyone has worked in an M-HERE and looking for some info and helpful hints...:)


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I work in a crisis unit in the ER. I have been there for about three years. I have never worked inpatient, so I cant give you any feed back from that. Any specific questions? How is your unit set up? What type of staff do you have around you? How many beds?

Good Luck! I love it! It is so different from shift to shift.... minute to minute even!

well, haven't started yet but i believe there are 6-8 beds, 1-3 staff. it is attached to the main er. I'm wondering what the majority of compaints are (i.e schiz, suicide attempts) and how violent? my inpatient facility had your usual sporadic "acting up" but I was never really involved in anything too bad. i know there is security around the clock, just wondering about the danger...


Specializes in psychiatric ER, Mental Health. Has 10 years experience.

As far as the danger, I am really protected. If someone does come in extremely violent, they are usually coming in with the police. They really do a great job being there until we get things under control. Security is great where I am too, they get what we do.

Complaits range anywhere from suicide attempts, severe decompensation, to "Im depressed and just want to talk to someone" to parents bringing their children in because they wont listen.

I really enjoy the range, and it is different every day. Just dont take things personally. I get yelled at, called all sorts of names, threatened. I have never been physically assaulted, although some people on my unit have. Just always watch your back. Dont ever underestimate a patient. (but that is all stuff you do anyway!)

Good luck! Keep me posted on how you like it!!

Thanks for the encouragement! I'm looking forward to the change in pace!


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