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I'm new to the forums, and have already found lots of helpful posts. I am graduating with my BSN in 27 days, and I still can't choose between ER and NICU. I am really leaning toward NICU, though. I was able to spend a few weeks of my practicum in a level III NICU. I love the atmosphere and taking care of the sickest and tiniest. I guess I am drawn to it, because of the hope and miracles that I know happen there. I know that it's not always that way, and there will be times that death will occur. I am prepared for that. NICU nursing seems extremely rewarding. I know it's hard and competitive to get in. I am prepared to work hard to learn all I need to about the specialty, since all I had in clinical so far was 13 weeks of PICU, L&D, Mom/Baby, and Peds. ( I also had 13 weeks of Critical Care/ER/OR) Would you recommend the NICU to a guy? Any experiences you care to share? What are some challenges I'll have to overcome? Thanks in advance for your input!

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Why not? Currently I am in a PCU where we get very small babies as well, though we still have an NICU. Once the child goes home and is readmitted, then it is to our unit. Not sure what the exact ratio is but there is a large number of men, on both shifts.

If you like it, go for it. Your obstacles shouldn't be any different than those of any new grad................


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I'm a guy leaning toward the NICU also. Everytime I visit the NICU all the nurses encourage me to apply there after graduation and it was a WAY MORE accepting environment than L&D or PostPart...

One of the local hospitals has this nurse who's a tattooed harley driving man... that man... he's in charge of the whole NICU after being a floor NICU nurse for numerous years.

With that in mind... go for it!

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