Why "male nurses" instead of "men in nursing"? - page 3

I've been in an accelerated grad-entry program for six months and have collected about a dozen examples of subtle--the worst kind--discrimination against men in my nursing program. (Using "she" when... Read More

  1. by   zacarias
    usually the little kids (grandkids often) call me the doctor when they refer to me to their family. It's cute.
  2. by   JDCPhD
    So, maybe we could do something proactive to help change the public perception of men in nursing? I would think NPs in primary care, especially with admitting privileges, might change things somehow.

    BTW, I typically use the term "physician" when I refer to MDs & DOs. From an historical perspective, academia used the term "doctor" long before these other folks did. (They stole it from the PhDs... LOL)