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  1. Well I am almost done with my prerequisites for the accelerated BSN program for my university. Its been odd going back to school but I am looking forward to the nursing school. I have caught a ridiculous amount of grief from my current employers whom I run their computer networks for my new career choice. I have one more quarter at a local college before I transfer back to my university to the accelerated BSN program this summer so I am looking forward to being able to finding a part time job. Any how this is long winded but just wanted to say thanks to those who posted their support for my new career path in my previous post. My current employer still remarks about cleaning up crap and vomit for a living but the closer we get to the time I will be leaving his employment I think its mostly just bitterness because he will have to find someone to take my place. Besides I rather clean up poop for a living (I know thats not all nurses do but according to him it is. Narrow minded accountant) than go through life a miserable sole regretting what I do. Oh yes the "Oh you do like women ?" remarks keep coming from him also. Any how I have dove head first into school and have never been happier with my decision. Thank you all for the information and support!

    Thanks all!
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  3. by   x3xsolxdierx3x
    Just wanted to chime in's rare that I ever run into another 'Howie', even in cyberspace....

    Do you get the "focker" jokes at all? lol.....
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    Do I? At least once a week but its finally starting to fade away some. Still got those few who think its comedy gold to call me that though. Howie's are rare. I am a Howard but most just call me that or Hank.
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    Good for you for hanging in there and becoming adept at turning the deaf ear to those ignorant comments from your boss! Others know nothing about what nurses have to go through and/or what we do at sad for them! Good luck in your pursuits of your dream. Go for it! Don't let anyone or anything prevent you from living it....Yea for you! :flowersfo