Slim-Fit Men's Scrubs?

  1. I am a new grad who will be starting in the ICU within a couple weeks. I have been hunting for a good pair of scrubs for over a month now. Since there's not really any selection for men in the stores around me I have been relying on websites. My issue is I'm only about 5'9" and 150lbs, so finding men's scrubs that actually fit has proven difficult. I prefer a slimmer fit but I feel like I need at least 3 pockets on the top and a couple cargo pockets on the pants. I thought I had found a winner when I ordered a WonderWink Men's Top. It has 5 pockets and, according to the sizing chart, should have fit me in a small (38" Chest). Needless to say, it's HUGE. I feel like I'm swimming in it. So it's back to square-one and I am hoping someone out there has a suggestion for a brand that I should order. I would really like to be comfortable on the floor and be able to carry all my stuff.

    I appreciate any advice. THANKS!
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  3. by   SgtWyatt
    I know what you mean. It's really hard to fine men's scrubs that fit well! I haven't worn WonderWink but I am about your build and really like how the Dickies Youtility scrubs fit me. I wear a Medium. This is what they look like: Dickies Men's Generation Flex Youtility Scrub Set - 81722/81003 | Murse World

    Hope this helps.
  4. by   FERNtastic
    Check out IguanaMed. Their 7400/7300 top/bottoms are more of an athletic fit. I am 6'0 195lbs and the Large is actually a perfect fit. With other scrubs, I feel like I'm swimming with even a medium size, but the IguanaMed have perfect fit and comfort, though slightly pricier than others. Also consider the Koi men's line, another well-fitted option yet with unique styling.