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  1. Im 18 and about to go to college this year. i want to study in medical to become a registered nurse. the problem is that i dont know anybody to give me the right advice to start from. If any of u all have anything to say, plz reply back. Thanks
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  3. by   DeBerham
    My advice: find the program that has the highest entrance requirements in your region and meet their standard (for example, there are some programs that require chemistry OR biology and some that require both). While it will not be as easy as floating through school to meet the most lax standards you will be much more competitive.

    Other advice:Work as a cna or a tech... The experience is valued by schools and jobs

    Don't get in legal trouble... There is a forum at allnurses devoted to that filled with horror stories. Nothing worse than going through school than not being able to get licensed.

    Be prepared to apply to more than one school, sure you have a place you want to go to, but be open to other options.

    Public education is your friend. Unless you get a great scholarship, walking away from nursing school $70k-$100k in debt with only a bachelor's degree to show for it is insane.
  4. by   Respect999
    i appreciate the advice. But wen i start going to school for it, is it like some ppl make it and some ppl dont. And if it is like that, wat qualities(such as degrees) did the ppl who made it.
  5. by   DeBerham
    Previous degrees? Not really required for an RN. I'm honestly not sure if it's even a factor really. Programs are more interested in your GPA and in particular your math and science GPA. Also, as stated above work experience is valued
  6. by   juan.ramirez0426
    Keep that GPA and those TEAS/HESI scroes pipin' hot.