Nursing in the CF Reserves

  1. Hope I find the right ear in the crowd,

    I am a third year nursing student (BN program) at MRU in Calgary. I had looked into the fully funded options at the beginning of university but didn't take them up on the offer. I am still interested in military nursing, and at the moment I think the reserves may be the best choice until I'm certain of where I want to end up.

    For anyone familiar with the position, I am currently an Undergraduate Nurse (casual) on a surgical oncology unit, and actually waiting to hear back about a psych position. I know reserve duties are quite different from acute care and wanted to know what they typically consisted of.

    I'm aware of the regular forces job description, I'm still considering it down the road.
    Prior to beginning my degree I spoke with a recruiter (missed the deadline for first year application so I held off) also met with reserves at that time, but they did not have any positions related to nursing that I could do -As I had not started the program yet-

    If anyone has info that would help out I would love to hear from you.

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  3. by   AirforceRN
    Hey Mac...
    I'll be honest with you, my knowledge of reserve nursing with the CF is very very limited. I have met few of them in my career and from what I can tell, they mostly work in their local civie hospitals and parade once a does seem like they get some pretty cool taskings every once in a while though.
    My best advice would be to walk down to your local reserve unit (15 Field Amb would be a good bet) and talk to somebody there...they would probably have a good idea about what openings are available and what would be required of you.
    Now...if you change your mind and want to go reg force....I'll be able to give you some more in depth answers.
    Sorry I couldn't be more help,