Movie: "Stranded: I've Come From A Plane That Crashed On The Mountains"

  1. Has anyone seen this? It's a documentary about the 1972 Andean plane crash where the survivors ate the bodies of those who had died when they ran out of food.

    I am posting this here because one of the rescuers is interviewed, and he is described as a "Male Nurse."

    Maybe it was the culture and times, I don't know. But to me, he would simply be "Nurse."

    Since they couldn't get everyone on the helicopter at once, he stayed behind with the men who were in better condition for one final night on the mountain, and saw firsthand the carnage that these men lived with for 72 long days. (Most of the people on the plane were men; the only woman who survived the crash died in the avalanche 16 days later.)


    If you like documentaries, this is a good one, and the DVD extras are worth watching as well. Have a hanky ready towards the end when they visit the cairn where those who died were buried; you will need it.

    The news was the greatest Christmas :giftbox: the survivors' families could have received, since the news broke on December 20.
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  3. by   llg
    I read a book on that plane crash many years ago. It's a powerful story.
  4. by   rph3664
    Next week, this movie will be airing on many PBS stations.