I'm taking this semester off. What do I do next?

  1. Hello friends. Again I'm back on with a couple of questions. I am taking this semester off to concentrate on some things I wish to get together before starting classes again in the fall. During this time I wish to apply in a new school with a LPN or Nursing program, hopeing they would would not only except me, but clear all grades that was bringing my gpa down even further e.g., IP, U's, D's, F's or WF's. I have to take A&PII Lecture over since I failed it with a D...I passed A&PII Lab. I also have both MicroBiology Lecture & Lab to complete all classes for the Associates program.

    My questions to you guys are:

    Is it true or false, that the next school I transfer to will delete all "bad grades" and transfer the passing grades (C and above)?

    I have a couple of schools in mind. Do I just go to the school and ask to speak to a nursing advisor or just put aside $'s and apply to each school with a LPN or Nursing program?

    Should I study for the TEAS or LPN exam and take the test while I'm taking the next seven months off?

    Thanks for the reply, it really helps!
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  3. by   Been there,done that
    The nursing school I graduated from used my GPA as 50 % of admission requirements.

    Who told you a school will drop your lower grades? Doesn't make sense. You must apply to the nursing program, then wait for the response which can take months. It also costs money to apply,so don't go throwing application fees all over the place.

    Study for ANYTHING. Taking a semester off makes it very difficult to go back. Many careers are derailed during that time.

    Good luck.