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I just got licensed as an lpn and finding it difficult to find a Job. I've been to three ltc facilities and they all tell me they want one years experience. I posted my resume on a couple of job... Read More

  1. by   CollieProud
    I am a male LPN in Flint, MI. There is not alot of LPN jobs really. Strickly in the long term care setting only. I do find however that being male is a huge advantage. Residents tell me they prefer males. Directors of nursing will jump at male LPN's I find.
  2. by   Medsport
    I've got 3 part-time jobs, 32 hrs in corrections, every other weekend in a nursing home and a day at a factory. The jail job is ok, but still have'nt got FT after 8 months. I would rather have a job in a hospital, but they rarely hire LPN's around here and actually just laid off 24 LPN's in a hospital in a small town near me. I'm in a pickle. I may have to go back and get my RN. My one job will reimburse me I believe, but I don't know where I'm gonna get the money to pay for it up front rather than cc, but don't want to do that or borrow any more from the gov. I really don't think I'd do very good working all the time now either. Barely paying the bills now, not sure what to do...