Grants / scholarships specifically for male nursing students!

  1. Hello all.

    Got accepted for Jan 09 LPN course in Eldon MO. I was wondering is there anyone out there giving out scholarships / grants specifically for Male nursing students. If not any good sources for grants / scholarships that anyone can recommend.

    I'm a Police officer/ARFF firefighter looking to change career, nursing a good move or a bad one? Any one had much success with the international scene for travel/ contract nursing?

    Good to be here.


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  3. by   1fastbmw
    I haven't heard of any specifically for males....yet. However, there are tons of general scholarships available for those who are willing to work locally for 1-2 years or for those who will work at a specific hospital following graduation.

    I work for a law enforcement agency as well...and am also making this career change to nursing. I have 7 classes left to complete my RN. How far along are you? What prompted this change of venue?
  4. by   nomad64

    I have yet to start nursing school. In a past life I was an EMT-1 in San Diego county, I worked in a psyche hospital as a Psyche tech for 18 months whilst at Fire school, I worked as a mobile tech for a mobile physcian in CA. Lastly i'm a phlebotomist as well. I suppose as I am getting older if the crooks want a foot pursuit i'll be OK over 10k, but the sprint has left these old legs. I am a dual role Crash Rescue Firefighter / police officer so when into my 60's in 20 I don't want to keep jumping in and out of fire trucks all day long.

    The biggest reason of all is I enjoyed the work with patients, and found the life on the wards appealing. I found it humerous when the Doc's threw theirtoysfrom their cribs, mainly because they failed to get something done and felt it totally necessary to share their ****** off day with others.

    So in a nut shell Jan 09 is the Lvn/lpn startdate. So i'm trying to find grant scholarship options out there.

    Better review my previous as I would not wish to appear that as a male I am looking for preferential treatment atnursing school or getting funding simply to get in.

    Where were / are you a Police Officer? Are you still with a force whilst at school? What state are you in? Any prior med' background?

    Speak again soon
  5. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    Different schools have differnt amounts of financial resources to give. I am an Assistant Dean for a nursing program, and we are pretty succesful in getting scholarships for graduate and undergraduate students (this year we am distributing over $1 million to nursing students.

    Aid for undergraduate students (BSN) is based on financial need (FAFSA and all that). Aid for graduate students is based on other factors. We were successful in obtaining a grant from an outside foundation to provide all entering men and students of color in our second degree CNL program with a $10,000 scholarship this year.

    Check with the schools directly, and do not be afraid to take out loans. Many hospitals provide loan pay-back as an employee benefit for RNs (the VA provides up to $15,000/year in loan relief).