Entering RN program in Fall 2012 - what to choose: MCC or GBCC

  1. I am looking at either Manchester CC (nh) or Great Bay (portsmouth). Didn't think I would get into one but somehow go into both.
    My questions are thus:
    1) Current or alumni at either - did you enjoy it? Did they do a good job of getting you ready for nursing?
    2) Pros/Cons to either?
    3) Side question: any hurdles/thoughts for a guy going murse? i imagine the mindset has been gradually changing and honestly i could care less - but sometimes it's good to be aware.

    I have many other questions at the moment, I am just fortunate to have a choice this Fall (2012-2014). I am leaning to attend Manchester due to its central location and job possibilities.

    Note 1: thank you ahead of time for your input and thoughts - any will help to calm my nerves and help in making a solid, well rounded choice.
    Note 2: i glanced through the forums but did not see any posts, or at least any recent posts on this - in case I may have missed them.
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  3. by   cm2007
    Congratulations on being accepted into a program. I am from the Midwest and not familiar with either programs. I can, however, answer your question regarding any special circumstances for males in nursing.

    I am currently in a BSN program and haven't experienced any real adversities. At my school the professors are very encouraging and push for males to be in nursing. I do hear women often say that men should do ALL of the heavy lifting, other than that just work hard and you'll be treated well!

    If you are not used to reading you will want to get into the habit of it (by reading I mean read ALL of the matieral and take good notes!).
  4. by   simply_commenting
    cm2007: thank you for the speedy response and insight. Good suggestions and common practices to observe - read read read. Yes, I need to get into the right mindset when entering nursing. Much appreciated.
  5. by   Contractor2RN010
    Congrats on the acceptance! As a student at GBCC I've been very happy with my experience. I see you're going to be a commuter, and aside from seacoast area facilities we also have clinicals at Exeter Hosp, and as far south as Lawrence. Of course they try to make commutes reasonable, but sometimes that's not possible. While I'm not sure that would affect your decision, I thought you might appreciate that info. I'm very comfortable with the education I've received, and feel the instructors make quite an effort to ensure we graduate as competent nurses ready to pass the NCLEX, and enter the field. Staff nurses on our rotations are generally supportive of students and also quick to pull you into a room for a procedure or dressing change, and I think that says alot about the clinical experience too. In the past two classes we have had 7 and 12 male students out of a class size of 56, so we're in good company. There's a NH Nursing Program Forum here too, but if you're new to the site it's a bit hard to find. Select U.S. in the yellow tool bar at the top of the screen and then NH Nurses and finally NH Nursing Programs. There's quite a bit of info there actually if you read through the posts. Feel free to ask away, and I'll answer your questions about GBCC if I can.
  6. by   sistasoul

    I graduated from MCC in 2008. It has a good reputation for being a tough school. PM me here on this board and I will give you some advice on the school.
  7. by   simply_commenting
    Contractor2RN010: pretty easy to spot my relative newness, eh? will keep future postings to that area. that is a good thought to consider - you answered a question i was considering about where the clinicals are.

    Sistasoul: i will pm you, thanks.