Brief Article on Male Nursing Image by a husband and wife team who are both nurses

  1. [color=#660066]"be a nurse.....i am!!"

    [color=#660066]increasing awareness in nursing opportunities for men

    jan 1, 2005

    stacy motorsports, llc. is proud to announce its commitment to increasing the awareness of the opportunities in nursing for men in the central florida area.

    as our society continues to age, we are headed for a crisis. in the "good old days" family elders were cared for by the family in the family home. the neighbors, the cousins, or the children provided the aged the necessary assistance required to allow them to "age in place". this is no longer the norm. as registered nurses that have spent over 12 years in the elder care industry, we are well aware of what lies ahead for the aged, especially in the central florida area. the neighbor is older than you, if you even know them. the family lives up north. even if you do manage to "age in place" in the home, the time will come when you must seek more care and eventually you may end up in a nursing home or hospital. it is then you will realize the crisis we are facing, a severe shortage of nurses.

    the owners of stacy motorsports, bill & melanie stacy, are both registered nurses. from intensive care, to psychiatric nursing, to teaching, to owning and operating a home health care agency, they are able to offer individuals a realistic view of nursing.

    currently less than 6% of nurses are male. as a male nurse , a race car owner, builder, driver, and viet nam veteran, vfw life member, bill will utilize this image to educate males on the benefits of the nursing profession.

    melanie has worked as a psychiatric nurse, administrator, and now instructor at keiser college in daytona beach, fl. melanie also functions as the "spotter" during the races.

    as active members of the port orange chamber of commerce, graduates of port orange leadership program, members of the first baptist church of daytona beach, former members of various board of directors of nonprofit organizations, and former business owners, bill and melanie have developed the community contacts, skills and image that will help stacy motorsports and its partners meet this commitment. both have multiple nursing related awards reflecting their professionalism and commitment to the nursing profession. melanie was recently voted business person of the year by the port orange chamber.

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