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I was wondering how you guys deal with female nurses in awkward situations...especially when they consider you "one of the girls". It's like they forget we are around when they talk about... Read More

  1. by   Spidey's mom
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    For heaven's sakes no!

    Men lie about their sex lives.


  2. by   caloy
    I'm a new graduate. i agree that sometimes women forget that we're still guys.

    Some of the things i encountered.
    1. i accidentally walked in on 2 female classmates dressing up. After quickly closing the door, i hear one of them say that's it's okay "it's only me"
    2. one girl asking about "normal menstruation"
    3. girls telling me stories that they're embarassed to tell other girls they're not close with (like regarding intimate relationships)

    I enjoy being the only guy; usually. but sometimes i want them to realize that there are some things i would rather not know. and that sometimes i rather be the "macho insensitive cool guy" than the "sensitive and reliable friend (who never gets the girl)".
  3. by   nursemike
    It is nice having a mix--I really enjoy the company of the women I work with, but it's nice to be able to talk about guy stuff, too. I think being included in girl talk is flattering, and a good intelligence-gathering opportunity. I think the awkwardness is a bit like blood and vomit--you get immune to it. Occassionally, I have used the expression TMI (too much info), and have had it used on me.

    A couple of times, I've gone so far as to explain that I'm a middle-aged bachelor, and that between the carpal tunnel and the enlarged prostate, there are some things I'm just better off not hearing. Although, I have been told that that's TMI, too...
  4. by   Ion
    I have heard language that will make sailors blush. I'll turn a deaf ear or ask them to change to another subject.

    I have written two up when it was directed at me. I believe in equal rights and that if we tolerate unequal treatment in one area we might as well give up all the areas.
  5. by   dfarr
    I'm one of five guys in a class of about 80. It really doesn't bother me. I'll normally say some smart-ass comeback when they start talking about periods and what not. I think they feel comfortable around me because we're discussing all this stuff in class already, so it's not like I don't already know about it.

    It also helps me get to see what (if anything) is inside women's minds. This comes in very helpful when looking around the dating scene. Thankfully I have a job which is very male-oriented to counterbalance all the extra estrogen I deal with.
  6. by   vamedic4
    I think about it this way...I could be sitting around a firehouse and TALKING about women, or I could be at the hospital WORKING with some of the cutest and smartest ever to grace the profession. Hoo ahhh.:chuckle I'll get to the hospital pronto, thanks!
    As for being in those "awkward" discussions, I'm with Corey...doesn't bother me a bit.