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Hello, I'm a new grad searching for a job in nyc (just like hundreds of others) to no avail. I was hoping someone could give me any advice or contact information for getting into Sloan Kettering as a new grad. Any information would be really appreciated.

Also I was wondering if I could get a nurse's point of view regarding my job hunt. I'm a bsn grad living in new jersey. I just passed my boards in august and have been job hunting ever since. I work as a patient care tech at a hospital nearby and could probably land a job within the hospital if i really wanted to. However, I really want to work and live in nyc and start off at a hospital with a really strong orientation program (such as those offered by certain nyc hospitals). I really don't think I would be happy starting off my career at my present hospital (which doesn't really offer any formalized new grad program), but the way the job market seems it scares me to think this will be my only choice. From a nurse's perspective, do you think its worth it to hold out a bit for something in nyc? its just that i feel my first job could really shape the nurse i'm going to become and i want to make sure i go somewhere that will make me a great nurse. also if i started out at my present hospital, i know i'd want to leave right after my one year is up and move straight to nyc which really wouldn't be fair to the hospital. i just want to know if you thought your first nursing job was important in shaping you as the nurse you are today. thanks for any advice in advance! good luck to all those new grads job hunting!

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As hard as it is for new nurses in NYC and in NJ to find jobs, (IMO) I think it's wise to just transfer into an RN position at your place of employment until you either get that year of experience or until you are able to land a job in NYC. You don't know how long you will be holding out for so, while you are waiting, why not just become experienced at your hospital?

BTW: really strong orientation programs in NYC depend on the hospital.

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