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    i would stay at the community college. at the particular school i'm looking at as long as you have a c or above in any pre preq. you are able to apply to the nursing program. if i were you i'd talk to someone at your school and don't take every word from your friends. and if it is a b maybe you could re take the class?

    i wish you the best of luck!

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    I am having a hard time choosing the school I want to go to the most...I need you all's opinion. I am going to apply to both of them just in case. When choosing i'm not too sure what to look for.

    Both are community colleges:
    One of my choices is near home and the NCLEX-RN pass rate is wonderful!
    My other chioce is not too much futher from home however, their NCLEX-RN pass rate is not near as good as my other choice.

    Someone was suggesting that the reason for the rates being low is because they have one of the top hospitals for clinicals and maybe they are preparing the nursing students for that? They also said the pass rate for the other choice is good is because the clincials are at a "subrban" hospital where it is not as stressful as most hospitals.

    I hope I made some sense in this thread. All and any advice is greatly appreciated!! :heartbeat

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    I'm looking at three different nursing programs and I was looking at the PVCC one, has anyone done it? I looked at the statstics on the NCLEX-RN pass rate, and they didn't look too well. Just curious who has went through their program.

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    How many of you all use rolling bookbags in nursing school? Is it worth it and what kind do you use? I can't find any nowdays.Thanks

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    I would go full time, it's going to be harder but you get done faster and you won't have to worry about it anymore!

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    Thank you all for your comments!! I feel much better about it now.


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    hello everyone!

    i'm fairly new to and i love this site! it's very helpful! but...after reading some threads i'm kind of nervous and second doubting myself. everyone says nursing school is hard? and i'm a bit nervous that once i start clinicals that i'll forget what i learned in this normal?

    another thing...i love helping people and i love hospitals (sounds crazy) but... needles make me scringe up a bit. i don't mind them, but they aren't my favorite. are there any nurses like that?

    thanks for any advice & opinions!! :heartbeat

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    i agree with above post. but, if nurse is really right for you i'd go for it! you can be a nurse in a doctors office, i never hear of life or death situtations there...

    good luck!

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    man...i totally understand i wouldn't let this go for sure, because if and when you have another snow storm they may try to do the same thing to you being you didn't complain enough this time.

    your a wonderful nurse!!

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    if i were you i would apply to lots of other schools that have bsn or do the lvn. you can also do the adn (3 years) and be an rn. in va the lvn is the lpn if it works the same way i personally would go do the lpn get through that and start working...if you can find a job. if can can that's great!! i'd start working and then go back for maybe an adn or bsn, so you can be an rn. the reason i say that is because you'll have work history and an experience in a hospital not fresh out of school. and if you finish and get an rn and then can't find a job you can always stay a lpn until one comes available and you will not be out of work.

    good luck & i hope this helps!!

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    being a cna isn't bad, we all need them! but.. like jules a said they don't pay anything, again maybe lpn is the route to go. or you can do adn (associate degree in nursing) it's three years and for me my total schooling including all classes, books, uniforms, etc. is a total of 10,000. which after seeing the pricing on that students put i don't think thats bad at all. i'm sorry financial problems are stopping you from achieving your goal! :/ good luck!!

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    i was deciding myself whether to do nursing, or teaching among a few others. this is what i thought:

    1.) nursing is more secure job ( i think)
    2.) i hear that is very hard getting a nursing job, va every where i look a hospital is hiring nurses. have lots to choose from (big hospital, small, nursing home, etc.)
    3.) more money in nursing (even though you have to work all the time & you don't get every holiday and summer off!)
    4.) you can work overtime maybe all the time, maybe sometimes... in teaching you can't. me you have to love your job so if it is teaching and if you can get a job and you love it and your not making as much money. so what? it's better being happy all the time to be miserable (that's just me).

    if you do choose nursing:
    i am going for the adn (associate degree in nursing) which is an rn. adn in my area is only three years and the bsn is four years. what i'm thinking about doing is getting my adn get a job and start working then go back and work on my bsn . i agree with the post above an rn is and rn. your taking the same test. in your situtation...i think you'd be best to go ahead and get the bsn since you do have general ed. classes done or somewhat done.

    hope this helps!

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    not sure exactly what area your looking for in virginia but, southside virginia community college has programs like lpn to rn, and then once your an rn you can obtain a bsn at the community college itself, through long distance old dominion. that is the only college i've heard that does lpn to rn i usually hear rn to bsn or bsn to rn etc.

    i hope this helps!

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    If you don't have kids and your parents are helping you, I would deff. do volunteering! That way...if you plan on going to nursing school you can pick the days you want to volunteer. So, when it starts to get tough you don't HAVE to work. And, a CNA is a plus but...if it doesn't look so good for you then I wouldn't pay to do it.

    Hope this helps!

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    I haven't taken the class, but...I can either take a dosage calculation test OR do the class and be exempted from the test. I'm not sure whats best. The nursing director said that the class is a basic and will be building on that kind of stuff so i'm thinking take the class to get a good understanding of it. Sorry I couldn't help you. But if anyone post it would help me also!