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    I need to vent a bit. Day three of my first CNA job ever was today. My brain is tired but I have yet to discover what people always talk about being so physically exhausting. I think this is the one place doing horse work all these years is actually going to help something because I'm used to a LOT of physical labor every day.

    But the rest... man I just suck. The majority of the other CNA's, well most of the staff really, speak primarily spanish to each other. Which is great except they forget I don't understand any of it. They all do speak English very fluently, just don't unless they have to, it seems. And I have to ask for every thing, passing trays at lunch, I don't know the residents yet and I think the girls were getting irritated at me asking all the time. I transferred one guy to bed after breakfast, turns out he was supposed to stay up. His wife is a retired RN and VERY particular. And I got the what-for from her for a bunch of things I did wrong. And they were wrong, so that was earned and she was nice about it. Later she found out I had horses and she always has too, so that helps and we talked a bit. But still, I don't know anything.

    I walked a lady to the dining room and the administrator talked to us in the hall and asked me where her gait belt was. Well no one's used one with her that I've seen or it that was policy for walking residents in the halls, thanks girl who is training me I really hate looking dumb in front of important folks. But he does know it's new to me and he won't have to correct me for that twice.

    I stopped to actually talk to residents a few times and the girl I was working with went on somewhere else. I changed a few residents and that went well enough. I hate being the new kid. At lunch today, I brought my notes for my test on thursday. The other girls sat with me last week but speak spanish, so I just sat there. I like the work well enough and I know I'll catch on eventually. But right now, it sucks. I like going to my job and having at least a clue. I have to ask a lot of what apparently are dumb questions and the nurses barely answer politely.

    Of course, I didn't think I'd do well at school and that's going great. So I'm guessing this will be ok eventually too. Right now I'm really frustrated and just feel dumb Please tell me it will not always be this way!

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    We practiced on each other in lab a lot also. The girls who were goofy and not concentrating in class had a hard time in clinicals. That kind of bugged me in class too. We practiced transfers on each other too. I'm kinda tall and not a tiny person and I got tossed one day, onto the side of the wheelchair. Good lesson for the student that you don't need to use THAT much force if you use the right technique but hitting the chair hurt. And I didn't much care for the laughing.

    I hope your clinicals sort out the serious students! Sounds like you'll do great You're working on some cool floors!

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    I'm glad you got to work more in class today. For me, the double scope was about impossible to hear with. So I had to really work at that one and I'm SO glad I didn't draw that skill in the cert test!! the normal one seemed so much easier when I just used that.

    I did BP's 'in real life' today for the first time outside clinicals and it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I only had the lead CNA check me once and it was indeed 80/60. I fumbled around a little but got them all done and didn't embarrass myself too bad. It does get easier!

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    Thanks for the well wishes, everyone

    It was an interesting day! Sort of thrown to the wolves in some ways. I shadowed the lead CNA and some things I really liked, others I'm not so sure. It's been awhile since I did my class, so I seemed more a total newbie than I am. Some folks were nice and welcoming, other CNA's didn't talk to me the whole shift. The girl I was working with didn't introduce me to anyone, I did that as we went. I had to ask her around lunch time who was the nurse on our floor. A few people made kind of snotty comments to the new kid because I called something the wrong name. Oh well, thems the joys of being the noob, I guess.

    One of the things I didn't like was how the two CNA's in my section just ignored the residents when they worked together to change or dress someone. They just took clothes off or did things without talking to the person at all and that seemed odd to me. No explain the process there, just yank off the O2 and get on with whatever. And really no conversation with the residents who will talk. This is the rehab floor, so most of them are fairly independent.

    I had to ask about everything. I've supervised people and trained staff for years in my old jobs, so it's second nature to me to talk my way through a process and make sure they get it. The girl I worked with is young (22) and doesn't have that skill set yet, so it was a challenge to get what I need from her. I work with a different girl tomorrow.

    I know I'll catch on quick enough but it's wierd being in this position of knowing NOTHING about what everyone else thinks is basic.

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    CNM is where I'm going also. I am done with the pre req's at the end of this semester!! I'm going to do the LPN program first, for a couple reasons. I wasn't sure when I started how much school I wanted or could do But I've been pleasantly surprised by that and now have a 3.8 GPA and really like it (a few interesting professors not withstanding). I quit the first time around, 20 years ago without ever graduating in anything. Also you can get the LPN, work 6 months, then go right into the RN classes without the 3 year wait. THe current wait for the LPN program is about a year.

    So in the meantime, I got my CNA cert and start a new job with that tomorrow And during the wait period, I will finish the pre req's for the RN, it's a difference of 4 or so classes for me. Then I will be able to get right in the RN bridge program at that point.

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    THere were a few people in my class last year who got hired by facilities that paid for their state exams. So it does happen. I didn't start looking until now but took my state test on my own. I think it was only $60 or so in NM.

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    Hi all~ I'm new to posting here although I've been reading along for a month or so now. I've learned a lot just reading here I read a lot about getting that first job and things to ask. So that was quite useful! And I got the job!

    My first day as a CNA is tomorrow at an LTC facility. I did my clinicals and state test in Sept 07 and right now that feels like a LONG time ago! I'm switching careers from something about as far away from nursing as you can get and all this is completely new. At the moment, I'm pretty nervous about tomorrow.

    The admin and DON who hired me know I have no practical experience and I asked for as much training as they will give me. They liked me a lot in the interview and I pick things up quickly. But it's intimidating right now! I've read threads about how hard the first day and few weeks are. Anyone have any good stories to share? How you didn't think you were going to die that first little while?