Medtech College


Hello allnurses members, this is my first post!

I am currently taking my pre-reqs at ivy tech right now. I'm not going to lie, although I've got average grades, the amount of time I still have to start nursing school is discouraging me a lot. I was thinking of transferring to Medtech just for the LPN courses, but I wanted personal experienced students to tell me how they have felt about the college. I know my current credits won't transfer, but that's okay, because if I *hopefully* become an LPN at medtech, I am planning on going back to ivy tech for the lpn to rn transition so I will need those pre-req courses any how. I did my research and found that at the Indianapolis medtech, which is where I would be going, their LPN school has the same accreditation as the nursing schools at ivy tech which is why I only plan on going there for LPN school, because the accreditation is very important to me. I have heard all of the bad stuff like how incredibly expensive it is, and how they are not a good school, but all of the posts I've seen are all from 2009 and older. I want to know what recent grads/students think of Medtech before I end up spending tons of money on a school that is actually no good.

Thank you all so much!

p.s. - I am currently in a situation where becoming a nurse in a short amount of time would be in my best interest, which is why I am only interested in LPN schools at the moment.