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Advice for a medsurg nurse (almost 6 years) transferring to CVICU? I’ve always wanted to work ICU, my son has had a few OHS, so CVI has always had a bit of my heart. I know it’s a HUGE jump and a different I’m looking for any advice! I haven’t started yet, but I feel like a new grad all over again. I’m excited, but nervous. ?????

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I'm sure you will be precepted so that should be helpful.  Specialty unit nurses can be quite, how shall I put this nicely,  elitist about their skills and knowledge.  I've worked in places where non unit nurses were looked down on.  I'm sure it's not true everywhere, but I have experienced it. So be prepared.  Be prepared that even with 6 years of skills, you may feel like you're starting from scratch.  Your assessment and organization skills should stand you in good stead, but be prepared for a whole new level of accountability.