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Medicine Cart

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I am a new nurse working in a long term care facility. When I started working I found that I have a lot of upper back pain when pushing the medication cart. It turns out I have bone spurs on my spine. I have gone to physical therapy and have managed to reduce the pain level but still find that it is best to only move the medicine cart to two or three spots during my med pass rather than room to room and walk to the patient's room. I keep the drawers and wheels locked while I am away from the cart and keep the med cart against the wall.

I can not find any website or source that can tell me if this is an acceptable practice. No one at work seems to know or care, but I am afraid when the state comes in (Massachusetts by the way), there will be an issue. I want to be prepared. Does anyone know where to find this information?

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That is a perfectly legal practice where i live (PA), as long as cart is locked and also if using computer for med pass make sure you tilt screen down or put up blank page so nothing on the screen is visible, also make sure any report papers you have on your cart are turned upside down. Hope this helps some!!