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Hello, I have to take a test for Hospital job on Monday morning call the medication test. Since it's been about two years since I had a medical calculation class I'm feeling very nervous. Can anyone send me a link to some practice questions that might help me for the exam? Thank you so much

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Do an online search and list the facility. You probably might even pull up the test. All the ones I've taken were more about the meds themselves instead of a bunch of calculation questions. Do an online search I think you would get a lot more actual example questions.

What kind of facility is it, what is your acutal job going to be. Search:"Hosptial med-surg medication test for employment examples for RNs. Don't say drug test or else you'll get a bunch of urine testing for employment's all in the wording.

blah blah"...somethinglike that. I just did it and got quiet a I said it wasn't just about calculations;but yours might be. Never hurts to be prepared.

Mine was almost exactly like the link above. Usually after you have experience they don't test you. It's usually the new grads that get the testing thing. But the world of nursing has changed so much I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't do a credit score check on you as well. Good luck :)