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My facility has an opening for Medicare coordinator. I am considering it, but I have no experience working with Medicare? Anyone here who is familiar with a position like that and any hints/suggestions?

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Been there, done that, got the T-shirt and the battle scars to prove it. Unless you like working 50-60 hr. weeks, or you're lucky enough to work in a facility that doesn't require you to carry a caseload of 40-50 residents, you want to avoid this job like the plague. It's not a job where you work your 8 or 12 hours and go have 24/7 responsibility, and the great majority of your time is spent up to your eyeballs in paperwork.

But don't let my sorry experience be your only guide; I'm sure there are other MDS nurses here on the BB who have good positions that they really enjoy. I just saw only the dark side of it, I guess.:o Personally, I'd do bedside nursing forever if my body would only allow it......but that's the beauty of nursing, there are soooooo many options out there for the picking, and if you don't like one, there's always something else!


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We usually have anywhere from 10-20 Medicare. Usually no more, although I realize that could change at any time. Actually I do work about 20 hours of overtime per check-(10 per week) and have done more, so I'm not afraid of the hours. Just wanted to try something different???

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