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Hello everyone!

I had a question regarding career choices...

I am currently an EMT, soon to be LVN/LPN once I take the boards, and will eventually get my RN (hopefully BSN).

I am curious as to what careers I might have in the sports or entertainment world. Or where I can look specifically. Most arenas contract through outside employers, but I am interested in being on the medical team in some sort for either a sports team or for some sort of entertainment show.

I saw things about traveling nurses on a discovery thing a few years ago about nurses/medical team that travels with a performer. I am very interested in finding more out so I can mix my 2 passions: healthcare and entertainment/sports.

Thank you in advance for any help!



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Los Angeles is the best place if you want into any part of "the Industry" and if you look on under medical you will find ads for set medics all the time. These are mostly EMTs but there is at least one agency out there that hires all sorts of medical staff strictly for location shoots and sets.

I don't know much about the rest of the country, but I imagine that if you have any type of entertainment center there will be a need for, if nothing else, dealing with the fall out of crowd control, from which you can find out who is the company usually called for celebrity or industry jobs. Good luck.

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You could be a nurse consultant for one of those goofy medical shows. Maybe then they'd get something right. And your name would be in the credits. Then we could all say "we knew him when..."

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