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  1. Hello all,

    I'm sure this type of question is common but I wanted some advice specific to my situation. I currently work on a very busy surgical floor with anywhere from 8-11 admits and discharges in a 12 hour shift. I have been at this job for about 2 years now and feel that I have grown considerably since nursing school. I am frequently in the charge role, precept, chart audits etc.

    I go through phases of being able to manage my stress well at work, go with the flow and maintain a good sense of humor through it all. Then there are weeks where I am wondering why I still work on this floor from budget cuts from management to picking up the slack from hospitalists, it gets old and tiring to repeat the same things over and over. At the end of those weeks, I don't find enjoyment in my job despite trying to focus on the positives and find myself wondering, is this what I went to school for?

    I understand that every job has their ups and downs otherwise it wouldn't be a job but when I went to nursing school, I was so motivated by nursing and teaching etc. and I feel like some days I don't make a difference. I feel like if I feel this way already, 2 years out of nursing school, what am I going to feel about nursing in 10 years or 20 years?

    I guess what it comes down to is that I go back and forth about what my next step should be and nothing really stands out to me. I've worked in a nursing home as an CNA and then an LPN and know that I can't go back there. I enjoy my 3 days off but would love not to work weekends. Am I just selfish in wanting the best of everything? If someone else feels this way, can relate or has any suggestions about specialties or job suggestions....I would really appreciate it! Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   NurseCard
    You aren't selfish at all! Med-Surge can be very difficult and challenging, so congrats
    on making it two years on such a busy floor!

    There are SO many different directions that you could go in now, that I can't
    possibly name them all. It kinda depends on what you want the most, what
    you enjoy... you said you want weekends off... you mentioned teaching..
    maybe you could find a job in the education department of your hospital or
    some other hospital. Other M-F jobs include day surgery, public health,
    school nurse, doctor's office. Some of those jobs do not pay well though.

    Home Health involves a lot of teaching, but it also involves some
    weekend work.

    Many different directions... good luck.