Vampire lifestyle is getting to me!!!

  1. Here I am-another night wide awake at 2am while everyone else in my house sleeps.My second night in a row off and I still cannot sleep when everyone else does. Did not sleep today so I could sleep tonight. Not working. So here is what I am thinking of doing to change all of this, but not sure if I should!

    At my current place of employment there is position open in PACU. My schedule would more than likely be 7-3 5 days/wk. Wow, would that be more conducive to my lifestyle (husband and kids). Some call would be required. Here is my problem-I am literally sick about talking to my current NM about possibly leaving. She has been so good to me, but cannot give me the day shift I so despertely need. I know she is going to be so upset with me, because one other nurse on my flr just went to PACU and she cancelled her (without telling her) the whole last week she was scheduled to work. I can't have this happen to me - I can't afford to lose a whole week's pay, but I also cannot afford to keep living like a vampire.

    What should I do?
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  3. by   UM Review RN
    I'd say that it's time to enlist your dh's aid and have him be ready to step into the gap if your NM decides to cancel you. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get this done.

    Have a garage sale, get a loan, whatever it takes.

    But who knows? maybe your NM won't cancel you, after all. She just lost one, how much extra staff does she have?