1. I know that this specialty can be very busy and fast-paced from what I've read and been told and also that all nursing specialties are rewarding in their own ways.

    My questions is, in terms of patient care and emotionally, does this specialty still feel as rewarding as others despite how busy it is?
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  3. by   AtivanRxPlz
    Depends on what you consider rewarding? I didn't go into nursing to feel appreciated or rewarded. If you do the best you can to complete all the tasks and establish a sincere connection with your patients, I'm sure you will feel the rewards. You will have patients that love you and tell you how much they appreciate you, and you will have others that will cuss you out and treat you like all depends on the day. It's probably not a lot different than other specialties that have a lot of face time with their patients, as every day is different. I've found that the most important part of feeling satisfied at work is having a supportive team, people that pitch in an help and are available to discuss concerns/patient care questions with. An effective team can make even the most horrible situations tolerable. My fellow nurses and CNAs make my job so much better than I could have ever imagined. I consider leaving for another specialty but just would not leave my team.
  4. by   Joshinson
    Thanks AtvianRxPlz, you've given me a lot to think about. I appreciate you're insight
  5. by   tokmom
    I have to echo what the other poster said.

    I have worked in many different specialities, but kept returning to med/surg for various reasons. It's a place that I find fullfilling.
    Nurses burn out and feel unfullfilled in all departments. I sufferered from severe burn out a few years ago and actually got out of nursing. Only when I did end up going back (for financial reasons) did I realized why I burned out to begin with.
    Nurses have become task oriented machines. I fell into that trap and it did me in quickly. There is no joy or fullfillment in doing tasks over and over with no acknowlegment from pt's or management. It's not like we neeeed pats on the back, but this job is HARD and an occasional "you did well" goes along way.
    Now I make sure I take the time to sit down, even for just one minute, and connect with my pt's. A quick hand hold, smile..anything to make that connection to them. I find it takes the drudgery out of tasks and reminds me why I became a nurse in the first place.
    I also work for a facility that really does go a long way into making it a good place to work. I have management that listens to us and also our committees are run by many staff Rn's.

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