Resume ? for Surgical Floor Postition

  1. What expereince is most specific and appropriate to list on my resume for a Surgial floor position ? I have a great resume, attended a summer practicum but I am having trouble narrowing my exprience down to short specific points.

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  3. by   meownsmile
    Just mention some of the procedures you had experience with during your clinical rotations. New grads tend to forget that your clinical experiences are just that. Dont be afraid to adjust your resume to fit what you did in clinicals. And if you had a good repore with a clinical instructor, ask them if they mind if you use them for reference on your resume and do just that if they are agreeable with it. Sometimes thats all a facility needs is to see that your clinical instructor had enough confidence in you to allow you to use them for a reference. Especially if you havent ever "worked" in a health care setting before.
  4. by   roziepig
    Thank you for the advice. I appreciate you taking the time to reply, and I will certainly take that into consideration.