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  1. Hi y'all! I'm a new LPN (graduated in August, licensed in November) and I've been job hunting since January.

    After a few applications to a handful of places, I interviewed on Thursday with the nurse manager and clinical coordinator of a med surg unit of a local hospital. They invited me to shadow the end of a day shift and beginning of a night shift.

    I shadowed yesterday evening. I didn't know what to expect since I was told specifically that I'd be doing no patient care. I showed up, interacted with everyone I encountered, smiled, engaged all the patients and their families, and discussed my interest in starting/growing in med surg. Both nurses showed me some in-depth procedures, like how they chart (all electronic), how they do med pass, etc.

    The day of my interview the NM asked me to call this morning and leave a voicemail telling her how everything went, which shift I preferred, and whether I'm still interested. I left a voicemail saying everything went great, I preferred night shift (new grad and all!), and I'm very interested in beginning my career in med surg there.

    The NM and CC told me they'd reach a decision today or tomorrow. I know shadowing is supposed to be a great sign, but I've seen on this forum and heard from others that just because you shadow does not mean you get the job.

    I would love to start my career in this med surg unit! So many people have made comments around me discouraging LPNs in med surg, and I know this opportunity would truly help me grow in my career. I am sitting on pins and needles--I just needed to tell some other folks who'd understand. Fingers crossed!!!
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  3. by   AngelRN27
    Congratulations on such a wonderful opportunity as an LPN! I don't know about people discouraging LPN's in med/surg (why not get the experience?) but I do wonder where you are located as, in my area, (South Florida) they do not typically hire LPN's for hospital positions at all (except for some ED's). LPN's down here are almost exclusively found in LTC, Home Health, or some derivative thereof. I do personally know some LPN's that work on hospital floors, but they have all been given deadlines by which they must obtain their RN license, and those deadlines are approaching fast! Heck, even the RN's with hospital positions down here are given deadlines by which they must obtain a BSN!

    I myself just graduated as an RN last April and have been working at a LTC facility since July because really no other place would take me.

    In other words, good luck, and if you get it, appreciate it and learn as much as you can!
  4. by   BluePotion
    Hi, AngelRN27! I'm in Louisiana, and I've heard that Florida LPNs are usually exclusively in LTC or HH. The hospitals in my area hire a few LPNs, but the opportunities are hard to come by if you're a new grad with no experience. But I'm sure that's the case for many new LPNs nowadays.

    Fingers still crossed!
  5. by   BluePotion
    For anyone who was interested, I just received a call from the unit director. I did not get the job. They chose a candidate with more experience.

    There is supposed to be a night position opening in the next month or so, and she welcomed me to apply for that one. I asked for feedback on my interview, shadow shift, etc. She said there was nothing I could've done differently. She said I did a great job in the interview and got positive feedback on my shadow shift. The determining factor was experience because at this point in their caseload and staffing it would be better for the unit to orient an experienced nurse instead of a brand new nurse.

    I understand. But I'm still crushed.
  6. by   Esme12
    I'm so sorry....((HUGS))
  7. by   BluePotion
    Thanks, Esme. I appreciate the hugs just as much as your words of wisdom I've read around the site.