Over the hill?

  1. At what age would it be 'to old' to try med.surg nursing?,for the sake of something different and expanding as a nurse.
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  3. by   LaVorneRN
    No such thing. I have known Med/Surg nurses from 24 to 64 years old. One friend of mine was out of nursing for years and came back to our unit STRONG!!! She is intelligent, confident, capable, and a great teacher. It is an awesome avenue if you're seeking to expand. You can do all things.........you know the rest! Peace and blessings
  4. by   RN-PA
    Our oldest Med/Surg nurse is in her mid to late 50's, and we have a range of ages working on our M/S units. I would only suggest that a person be in fairly decent physical shape as the work can be so physically demanding and there never seems to be enough help. There are nights I call it "aerobic nursing" as I seem to run most of my shift! Of course, keeping your back strong is important, too. I'm 47 and have been working Med/Surg for almost 10 years, and hope to keep going at least another 10 if my body holds up. (Due to the stress and increased patient acuity and nurse : patient ratios, I think my MIND is likely to go first! :stone) I try to work out regularly and include cardiovascular, weights, and stretching to keep up with the demands of nursing-- and an aging body!

    Mentally and emotionally, being older could mean a person has more patience, empathy, and maturity to offer, but there's a need for great flexibility, quick-thinking, organizational, and coping skills for all that Med/Surg entails. (I know because I have to keep working on these areas myself! )
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  5. by   moonrose2u
    on my tele floor, we have the following staff nurses:

    ages 56, 53, 50 (x2) 55 (nm)

    how does that sound?
  6. by   jnette
    Over the hill?

    The only hill I'm over is that hill of beans out in my backyard garden.

    Mind over body. We are what we THINK. If you love it, you'll never notice.. ( at least not 'til you get home.. aaaahh).

    I say try it ! We oldies have to keep moving... and that's just the place to keep us moving ! The mind will benefit as well. Don't use it ya lose it !
  7. by   suzannasue
    Age refers to wine and cheese...LOL...
    I have recently returned to a med/surg/tele unit and am probably one of the more "aged" nurses on the floor...I still have much to offer...go for it !!!