Now What!?!?!

  1. Thanks for all your honest opinions!!

    I've thought long and hard about that step-down position and decided not to accept the position.

    I've been busy looking for a new position, with little to no luck.

    But I totally forgot to respond my decline to the step-down supervisor.

    The step-down supervisor said, "call me if you're interested in the position?" Do you think out of respect I should call the supervisor though I don't want the position...and what do I say??
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  3. by   shannonRN
    i would call. just let her know that you thought about it and you don't feel that this position is right for you at this time and thank her for the offer. this also doesn't burn any bridges. yes you declined the position, but you were professional in doing so. so, if for some reason you do decide to take a job there in the future, you are still on good terms with the supervisor. good luck with the job hunt!