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  1. I started my med/surg job two months ago. I have been doing good but every night I get hit with a new diagnosis that I've never cared for, and I was thinking of getting a resource book to help me process everything I'm learning. So if I get called with an admission coming up with a bowel obstruction or r/o MI, I know how to care for them. I was thinking of bringing my nursing school med/surg textbook to work but it's huge, and I'm not sure if that's the best option since it's so in-depth. Does anyone have a resource they like using. I was looking at those RNotes and MedSurg Notes but they seem to be geared towards nursing students and I wasn't sure if they would be too basic.
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    I have RN Notes pocket manual. Mine is almost 10 years old but, I am sure they have updated ones. I really love it and when students or others see it they do too. You can always do a search for something similar.

    RNotes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide: Ehren Myers RN: 9780803623132: Books