Med/Surg Education Needs

  1. In your opinion, what are the greatest education needs of med/surg nurses?
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  3. by   purplemania
    what a loaded question! Would "everything" be an acceptable answer? Our new nurses adjust better if they have basic nursing knowledge and a willing to be flexible. Assessment is extremely impt. and remember there is a reason they call those things "Vital signs"!!
  4. by   finchertwins
    Purple about hit the nail on the head. I have not graduated yet but do work on a Med/Surg floor. My exwife is a a nurse in a med/surg unit also. Her floor has post partum moms to peds, a lot of renal, tele, kidney transplant, cornea transplants, VBG's, and so on. Mine is a little slower but we tend to have a lot of end stage diseases and total cares, all of which my ex has also. Another problem to think of is if staffing is decent and does the nurse have to do all pt care by themselves, most med/surg floors I know have 1 or on a good day 2 techs for 25-35 pt's. Good luck med/surg will make anything else a vacation but will also give you a taste of everything medicine has to give.