Med-Surg certification

  1. Hello,

    Anyone know any classes or how to find them for med-surg certification in Washington state particularly King/Pierce county?

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  3. by   Daytonite
    pat. . .here is a link to the website for the american nurses credentialing center which administrates the test:
    you can get some study materials through them. you should also contact them or your local arm of the american (or your state) nurses association for information about any local test preparation classes, since the ana is the one who sponsors these exams.

    i took and passed the medical nurse certification exam some years ago. the information we were given when i registered for the test was that there wasn't much test preparation. the test was based on experience. that was true. when i took the exam it was very experienced based. i had a good background of med/surg experience to draw from in answering the questions. it is not quite the same as nclex. there were also more questions about quality improvement and management as i recall. write to the test center given in the website above and get or download the pamphlet about this specific exam which outlines what is on the test. that should be all you'll need to pass the test if you have been a practicing rn for several years.