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  1. Hello!

    My name is Kelly and I am one of the moderators of the med/surg forum! I have been a registered member since March 2001 and think that this is the most awesomest website ever! I have chatted with a LOT of great people(you know who you are) and think that Brian has done a wonderful job with this website!

    I hold a Bachelor's Degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania having graduated in May 1997. I passed the NCLEX in August of 1997(I am the biggest procrastinator ever!) with 110 questions and have worked in LTC, a hospital based Skilled Nursing Unit, a surgical floor and now I am on a 30 bed medical telemetry/respirstory unit at the Ashtabula County Medical Center in Ashtabula Ohio.

    I knew that I wanted to be a Nurse since I was 5 years old and almost went into medical school(algebra and Geometry changed my mind REAL quick). I wanted to "help people". I know that is like the lamest excuse ever to be a nurse but I don't have one of those defining moment stories. I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else.

    I am 28 years old (almost 29) and have been married for 2 years to Larry my husband. I do not have any children yet but am actively pursuing it!!! I may one day decide to return to school for my Masters Degree but I have not decided in what area. I truly believe that I want to go into Labor and Delivery eventually.

    Well that's enough about me for now!

    Thanks for visiting!!

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