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  1. Hi,
    2nd career BSN student (37 yo) still in lower level (decided to do BSN instead of ADN at the last minute, so am doing all the history/art/etc. pre reqs I didn't need for my ADN). CNA is not required in Tx for nursing school but I got licensed anyway and did 3 months of LTC clinicals with that.
    I recently got hired as a PCT on a m-s floor at a small hospital that is a part of a large affiliate here in DFW (not HCA). Even with my lack of clinical experience, I was shocked they hired me because they like who I am as a person, my values, and can see I am doing well in school, etc., and want to support me in my long term goal as a RN/BSN. They require no contract even though I am getting tuition from them. It's as crazy as it sounds and I am so grateful.
    Anyway, with all that said, I start orientation next week. I already expressed my fears about such little experience with the unit manager and he is so supportive, as were the nurses that were in on my interview. I know I will start out by doing a lot of shadowing and pt sitting. But what advice do you have for me that will HELP my m-s nurses and the pts the best? I am only as successful as my pts are cared for and my nurses are supported.
    Thanks for any help you can provide!
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  3. by   Sweetheart2005
    You will have a preceptor for a period of time. Do you know how long? Ask questions when you don't know something and be observant. Request assistance from the other PCT on your unit when you need an extra hand (large patient, limited mobility) or the primary nurse taking care of them. Nurses over see PCTs but they are not your boss. They should respect you and your time. Also respect the nurses and their time as well. We can do your job, we can't do yours. Some nurses do others won't. I always appreciate if I ask a nursing assistant to do something and they are swamped that
    acknowledge the request and if it's gonna be a while let me know. I know they're busy but I don't know what all they have on their "to do list"
    Patients tend to appreciate taking a little extra time when you can. Let
    Them know your available to help them.