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i was wondering how different med-surg floors utilized charge nurses. if you could share some of the job descriptions and responsibilities, patient load....please mention which shift you are... Read More

  1. by   kmlunar
    Ok I feel better now! I am a charge nurse on M/S pm's 12 hrs. I usually have one other RN an LPN and 2 CNA's and a ward clerk until midnight on week days I am the wrd clerk on week-ends. I am responsible for assignments, taking off orders and new admits. I have to do all the LPN's IV push meds and hang the blood. I am responsible for all the staff under me on my shift and many times that includes pool staff that is being floated to my floor from another area. I deal with all patient, family and staff and staff problems. I do all the hard IV sticks and procedures that the LPN's can't do. I also take a full pt load depending on the census which usually means I have anywhere from 2-6. Still sounds better than what some of you are doing! Thanks for putting things in perspective!
  2. by   kmlunar
    My unit has 28 beds and 2 lock ups
  3. by   Genista
    I used to work on a med/tele floor where the dayshift charge took no patients, and could REALLY help the staff by doing admits, taking off orders, rustling up equipment, coordinating procedures, calling docs, starting IVs, and general troubleshooting. Plus, you did the usual lead nurse stuff like bed control, & making sure rooms get cleaned for new admits, and making sure the nurses get breaks. I actually kind of liked it, though it was crazy at the nurses station. It felt like you made a difference- and the staff nurses appreciated all the little things the lead did to make things run smooth. Of course, you also had a lead to lead report & rounded on the entire floor.

    Now I'm working in another area, where the lead gets a full load (maybe one less patient to start with), and no unit secretary. So, the lead does order entry & also helps note a bulk of orders left in the rack. You do bed control, and lead to lead report. Although the lead report is usually VERY different than my last position. Now I have NO TIME to know the details, and frankly, my hands are full with my own assignment of 5-6 patients (one nurse aid for the entire floor). I don't have time to round the floor- I have to trust that the primary RNs are doing their job.
    I now greatly dislike doing lead. But I have to do it, because it's part of the job. It only pays $1/hr more, and honestly, it's not worth it. It's a whole lot of extra work for pennies. And you aren't really "leading" at all.